180 km
9 hours

Vostochnyy Cosmodrome

Judging by the interest of travellers and tourists coming to Amur Region, the Vostochnyy Cosmodrome remains one of the most popular techno tourism destinations. Currently, six Amur Region's companies have an official agreement with FGUP TsENKI to organise group tours, namely: Far-Eastern Tourist Centre Amur; Amur Bureau of International Youth Tourism Sputnik; Dalnevostochnyy Feniks Tourist Agency; Piligrim Plus Tourist Company; Amurturist Tourist Company; S-Travel Tourist Company.

Blagoveshchensk – Vostochnyy Cosmodrome route takes about 9 hours. Tourists travel 180 km by bus to see the cosmodrome facilities and witness the spectacular space launch events.

Tourists have an opportunity to visit the cosmodrome's main facilities: the technical complex (used for pre-launch preparations), the operations and checkout facility for launch vehicles (overall area of the building is about 45,000 m2, 37 m high), the operations and checkout facility for spacecraft.

Travellers have a chance to get into the 'heart' of the cosmodrome—the launching site and to walk inside the mobile service tower. This a unique seven-tier construction which weighs 1,600 t and is 52 m high. The Plesetsk and Baikonur cosmodromes do not have such equipment.

Apart from the cosmodrome, travellers can visit a young Russian city ZATO Tsiolkovskiy (Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit Tsiolkovskiy) with the Museum of Cosmonautics and constantly emerging new tourist destinations. They include: a portrait sculpture of Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy, a portrait sculpture of Yuriy Gagarin, a monument to the cosmodrome builders, a re-entry capsule of Soyuz TMA-07M manned spacecraft.

Those who are not ready for distant trips can become closer to space in Blagoveshchensk as well. Scientists and students of the Amur State University have developed a new tour. Visitors of the University that trains space specialists can learn more about the history of cosmonautics and the potential of this industry development in the region.

Far-Eastern Tourist Centre Amur +7 (962) 284 85 35


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