How to Get to China

How to Get to Heihe from Blagoveshchensk

Heihe is one of the most well-known Chinese cities for residents of the Amur Region. It's very easy to get there. You only need to cross the Amur river.

Russian citizens have visa-free access to Heihe. That is, to visit this city, Russians do not need to obtain a visa to China.

To get to Heihe, Russian citizens must have a passport for travelling abroad. You cannot enter the city with a Russian passport.

You can cross the Amur river by ship, bus (on a pontoon bridge) and by air-cushion ship, depending on the season. The transport opportunities will soon be expanded due to the full commissioning of the bridge over the Amur river, as well as the construction of a cable road.

Upon arrival in Heihe, a tourist must pay port and customs fees (total CNY 100). Currency may be exchanged there as well.

You can stay in Heihe for 30 days. To travel outside of the Heihe urban district, a Chinese visa is required.

You can go from Blagoveshchensk to Heihe and back every day if you like: there are no restrictions.

You may bring in up to USD 3,000 onto the territory of China without a customs declaration. The excess amount is subject to mandatory declaration.

Important: citizens of all other countries need a standard Chinese visa to visit Heihe.


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