Zeya State Nature Reserve

71 Stroitelnaya St, Zeya, Amur Region 676246

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10 people
14 km
2 days

'Goltsy Tukuringra' educational tourist route

A two-day 14 km hike for those who want to get away from the city fuss and spend two days without the internet, phones, TVs and news. You will enjoy walking and sometimes ascending with a heavy backpack, drinking water from creeks and crystal-pure mountain ponds, cooking on a campfire and snuggling in your warm sleeping bag in winter huts.

1. 'Kamenushka – Grozovoye Plateau' two-day option

Grozovoye Plateau Mountain Hut provides sleeping bags, foam mats and utensils for a group of up to 20 people. The optimal size of the group is 15 people.

Day 1
8.00 am: a 62 km trip along the gravel road Zeya–Zolotaya Gora from Zeya to Kamenushka Cordon.

9:30: arrival to the Cordon, repacking backpacks, using restrooms, inspection, instructions from the guide. Tour essentials: water bottles (you can fill them up in the river on our way), an already filled water bottle or a thermos flask with hot tea, snacks (cookies, dried fruits, sandwiches).

10.00 am: starting the route. A 6 km ascending hike to Grozovoye Plateau mountain hut. About 700 m of steep climbing. Hiking time: 4 to 6 hours.

2.00–4.00 pm: arrival at the mountain hut, cooking, dinner, rest.

4.00 pm: traversing the Tukuringra ridge spine to the mountain tundra. The distance between the ridge spine and the hut is 1.5 km. The group decides on the tundra hike duration. The spine is 1,400 m above sea level. The height above the intermountain basins is 1,000 m.

7.00 pm: getting back to the mountain hut, cooking, dinner.

9.00–10.00 pm: watching sunset on the rock pillars by the mountain hut.

Day 2
7.00 am: getting up, cooking, breakfast, cleaning the mountain hut.

9.00 am: taking cars. Travel time is about 3 hours.

12.00 pm: departing from Kamenushka Cordon to Zeya. Travel time is 1.5 hours.

2. 'Bolshaya Erakingra – Goltsy' option

Goltsy Mountain Hut can accommodate a group of up to 10 people providing them with sleeping bags, foam mats and utensils. This route option is targeted at groups of more trained tourists, mainly those who have already taken the 'Kamenushka - Grozovoye Plateau' route. The schedule is the same as for the previous route. This route starts on the 52nd km of Zeya – Zolotaya Gora road from 'Pyatdesyat Vtoroy' (Bolshaya Erakingra) Cordon. The distance to the mountain hut is 8.5 km. The first half of the route passes through a mountain river valley, which should be waded several times during the route. The climbing is more difficult due to around 3 km of steep slopes. The mountain hut is situated 1,250 m above sea level; the distance between the hut and the mountain tundra is only 500 m. This allows reaching the spine top in a very short time.


Before following any route, you have to get a pass and initial instruction on personal safety and conduct in the protected area of the Reserve. For your own safety and preservation of nature, groups are admitted to the route only with a guide.


· General physical fitness.
· Due to climbing loads, the route is not recommended for people with heart problems.
· Groups of schoolchildren over 12 years of age must be accompanied by a teacher, a responsible person.
· Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination certificate. If you are not vaccinated, consult your doctor about prevention medications in advance.
· Suitable clothing, comfortable hiking footwear, headwear. Clothes must be treated with tick repellents.
· A comfortable backpack.
· Spare change. A warm jacket or a sweater even in summer as it's chilly in the mountains.
· Toiletries.
· A flashlight.
· Foodstuffs, carefully planned for the group.


2 days, 1 night: Residents of Zeya and the region. Adults: RUB 540, children: RUB 270
Non-residents: adults: RUB 1,060, children: RUB 520. Without transportation costs of up to 62 km.


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