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Visiting of Algaya cordon

From Zeya, tourists will take a motorboat to Russia's third-largest artificial lake with stunningly picturesque shores.

Algaya Cordon is situated on the territory of Bekeldeul Wildlife Sanctuary that will become the final destination of the tour. Employees, scientists and tourists stay here all year round. There are cabins and a steam bath in the Cordon' territory. Bekeldeul Wildlife Sanctuary's task is to protect endangered and small-numbered animal species that can be valuable for scientific, economic and cultural purposes. This sanctuary is utterly important as it combines all the diversity of plant life. It helps preserve territories that are valuable for environmental protection. Located in the northern range, these territories can have mixed flora and fauna. The following animals are under protection at the Wildlife Sanctuary: bears, squirrels, hazel hens, elks, Siberian grouses, Manchurian deer, musk deer and sables.