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'To Bureya' magic tour

10–15 people
To reach the location, you can:

- Use your own car (there is an earth road)

- Order a drive (RUB 900)

Bureya river, Lower Bureya Storage Pool

7 km

- Swallow's Nest (watching the overhanging house)

- Pinezhie (observing a wonder nook)

In addition to that, you can visit:

- Lower Bureya Power Station (observing from the viewing deck)

- Coal spoil-heaps (observing the walking excavator)

- Walking along the hanging bridges (Shambala Pinezhie)

Mountaineering hike (ascending a rope to a hanging hut on the rock, + RUB 700)

Training is available (1 Kuznechnaya St)

- Tourists can stay overnight (RUB 800–1,300)

Instructor, hot meal, Taiga tea brewed over a campfire and safety equipment are provided.

Price: adults: RUB 1,300/children, students, pensioners: RUB 1,000