Price: adults: RUB 1,300; children, students, pensioners: RUB 1,000
Difficulty level: from the age of 6 on
12 hours

'To Bureya' magic tour

Ways to get to the starting point:
- By your own car (earth road)
- Ordering a ride (RUB 900)
The Bureya river, Lower Bureya river basin
7 km
- Swallow's Nest (watching the overhanging house)
- Pinezhie (observing a wonder nook)
Extra spots:
- Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP (watching from the viewing deck)
- Coal spoil-heaps (observing the walking excavator)
- Walking along the hanging bridges (Shambala Pinezhie)
- Mountaineering hike (ascending a rope to a hanging hut on the rock +RUB 700)
Training is available (1 Kuznechnaya St)
- Tourists can stay overnight (RUB 800–1,300)
Instructor, hot meal, Taiga tea cooked over a campfire, and safety equipment are provided.


Dvadtsatyy (Twentieth) path
'Belogorye' weekend hike


Visiting of Algaya cordon Eco
1 day 2720
Albazino Historical and Educational
3–7 days 5700
Yoga tour along the Tukuringra ridge Health and Sports
2 days 8500


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