Petroglyphs: mysterious paintings of Amur region

Ancient rock paintings are among the man-made wonders of Amur Region. The most famous ones can be found close to the settlement of Yerofey Pavlovich. The images are amazingly realistic. They depict humans, animals and mysterious signs.

Ancient rock paintings can be found in various places of Amur Region. However, the petroglyphs in the Skovorodino District, around 30 km from Yerofey Pavlovich, are among the most famous ones.

There, in taiga, there is a pillar almost 10 m high and 6 m wide. Its entire surface is covered with perfectly preserved paintings. The images are drawn with light-red and dark-burgundy ochre that penetrated deep into the stone.

Close to the rock pillar, there are several rocks with more drawings. Overall, there are over 80 petroglyphs here.

They depict humans, animals, celestial bodies, acts of nature, characters from ancient myths and legends. Some figures are abstract, being a combination of lines and circles.

Scientists believe that the paintings could have been made at least 10 centuries ago. Some of them could have been drawn even before the Common Era.

There is a belief that this place could be sacred for the indigenous people of the Amur Region—the Evenki. For many centuries, they would come here to perform rites and rituals.

This assumption is supported by numerous artefacts discovered here. Valuable findings date back from the Neolithic Age until the last century: stone arrow tips, ceramic fragments, bronze pendants, bullets.

Scientists are yet to discover the mysteries of these places and petroglyphs.


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