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Space tour

Techno Tourism
10–40 people
09.00 am: the group gathers at the Ledyanaya railways station
09.20 am: breakfast
10.00 am: the group arrives at ZATO Tsiolkovskiy; passport control
10.30 am: excursion around the city: tourists will learn the history of the 'space city', visit Yuriy Gagarin Monument. Excursion to the Cosmonautics Museum, excursion around the Vostochnyy Cosmodrome facilities and the city of Tsiolkovskiy
12.00 pm–1.00 pm: lunch at Orbita café
1.00 pm: departure to the city of Svobodnyy
1.40 pm: hop-on/hop-off city tour during which tourists will also visit the Museum of Local Lore and Children's Railway
3.30 pm: dinner (ration pack)
4.00 pm: departure to the railway station

The price includes:
Transfer from the railway's station to the city
Ledyanaya – ZATO Tsiolkovskiy – Svobodnyy – Bus transportation
Guide services
Meals: according to the programme
Ticket to the Museum

Not covered:
Railway transportation
Children's Railway ticket