Evenki village

Before the arrival of Russian pioneers, northern part of Amur Region was inhabited by the Evenki. Now, at the Ethnocomplex Evenki Village, tourists can learn more about the traditions of the indigenous people of Eastern Siberia. Here, they will see reindeer, discover exciting mythology and taste local dishes.

Evenki Village is located 830 km from Blagoveshchensk, close to the settlement of Pervomayskoye in Tynda District where around half of the Evenki people of the Region reside.

The Evenki are indigenous people of Amur Region. Originally, they used to live in very severe conditions.

The Evenki call themselves 'walking across the ridges' or 'reindeer owners'.

Traditionally, they were hunters, fishermen and reindeer herders.

The Evenki's life and folklore are inseparably tied to nature. Thus, they believe one can't boast that they've killed a reindeer—the animal will hear that and will never let be killed again. Moose or reindeer bones mustn't be scattered or thrown into the fire—the animal will be offended and will never let be killed again.

The complex includes a number of log constructions: a real steam bath, a souvenir shop and small raised cabins for food storage. Tourists are offered accommodation in guest houses. All of them feature interiors in traditional Evenki style.

There are reindeer skin tents on the territory as well, one of them being a traditional shaman tent. From time to time, it is visited by the shaman who comes to ask the spirits for good fortune.

A trip to the Evenki Village can be combined with forest walks, picking berries and mushrooms, bathing, fishing, hunting and boating. In winters, guests can enjoy sliding.

The complex offers charcoal grills, fishing rods, tackles, bikes and other equipment for rent. Tents are also available for rent.

Tourists usually come to the village for the weekend.

You can plan a trip to see a traditional celebration of Bakaldyn holiday. In June the Evenki have a massive New Year celebration with national songs, dances and games.

Guests have a chance to talk to the Evenki about their way of living and take a closer look at the amazing outfits: leather boots, embroidered mittens, shirts and hats.

And tourists will surely taste traditional venison and fish dishes.

A standard tour to Evenki Village from Blagoveshchensk takes 2 days.


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