Fishing in Amur Region

Where is the best place to go fishing in Amur Region?

The many rivers in Amur Region make it a perfect location for fishing. Its waters are home to more than a hundred species of fish, including more than 30 commercial ones. The most popular places for fishing are the Amur, Zeya and Akishma rivers.

Current information on fishing quotas and licences is available on the website of the Administration for the Protection, Control and Management of Wildlife and its Habitats of Amur Region at For more information, please visit the website of the Federal Agency for Fishery at

You can go fishing in Amur Region at almost any time of year, but the best time is from May to September. This is when fish are said to be most plentiful.

Although each species has specific months that are thought to be the most fruitful. For example, mid-summer is a good time to catch crucian carp. Common carp is active in August. Autumn brings a higher chance of catching catfish.

Important: Fishing in Amur Region is not allowed during flooding.

Commercial fishing areas in Amur Region
Water reservoirs

Lovers of fishing may be interested in the following species of fish from Amur Region. Grayling can reach 3 kg in weight and up to 65 cm in length. Amur catfish can grow to 1 m and 6–8 kg. Burbot can weigh up to 18 kg with a length of 120 cm. Also noteworthy are such species as lenok (up to 70 cm and 6 kg), common carp (up to 1 m and 3-20 kg) and crucian carp (up to 50 cm and 3 kg).

The most popular fishing spot is the Amur river. It is home to common carp, pike, burbot and catfish. During spawning, chum salmon and pink salmon also come here.

Another attractive destination for fishing is the Zeya river, the second largest river in the area after the Amur river. It is home to many valuable species, such as pike, lenok and grayling. This river is also inhabited by burbot and whitefish.

If you enjoy fishing and outdoor recreation, you will appreciate the Zeyskiy Nature Conservation Centre.

Tourists can enjoy comfortable cabins with all the necessary furniture and household appliances.

Fishing gear is available for rent (this is an excellent place for catching carp and common carp).

The centre offers gazebos, where you can make a barbecue, then go to a Russian sauna in the evening. You can also ride horses or bicycles in the park.

The Zeyskiy Nature Conservation Centre is 10 km from the village of Natalino in the direction of the town of Svobodnyy (take a turn to the Raduga camp).
Phone: +7 914 592-70-65 (Vladimir Malkov)

Down the Bureyskaya dam, near the village of Talakan, you will find the Bureyskoye reservoir, or, as the locals call it, the Bureyskoye Sea. This is a man-made reservoir stretching for 234 km. It is a perfect place for fishing. Its fresh waters are inhabited by taimen, flax and grayling. In winter you can fish for pike here.

Another river rich in fish is Akishma. It attracts mainly people who like adventure and extreme leisure. Come here to fish for lenok and grayling.


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