Trip to the Reserve
at 9.00am/11.00 am/1.00 pm
3 tours can be done in a day:
at 10.00 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm
Departure to Zeya:
3.00 pm/5.00 pm/7.00 pm.
15–25 people
3 km
4–6 hours

Dvadtsatyy (Twentieth) path

One-day 3 km hiking route. The group takes their own transport to get to the starting point (19 km, Zeya – Zolotaya Gora motorway), then hikes along the forest path to Dvadtsatyy Cordon and gets back to the city.

Optimal group size: 15 people; maximum group size: 25 people. Hiking is prohibited during strong winds.


· Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination is obligatory.
· Hiking is prohibited during strong winds.
· Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination certificate.
· Suitable clothing and comfortable waterproof footwear, headwear.
· Ration pack and a mug (only hot water is provided at the Cordon). Upon the agreement with the administration and permission from the Cordon inspector, tourists may be allowed to cook sausages on a campfire.
· Groups of any age, no physical training restrictions.
· Getting a pass. General rules of stay in the Nature Reserve.


Locals: pre-school children: for free; children under 12: RUB 25, adults: RUB 70.
Visitors: pre-school children: for free; children under 12: RUB 50, adults: RUB 120 ₽.
Excluding transportation costs, up to 62 km.

Sign up for the tour:

Zeya State Nature Reserve
71 Stroitelnaya St, Zeya, Amur Region 676246
Phone +7(41658) 21753, 21379
Contact: Sergey Ignatenko, Director, phone: +7 961 956 8739


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