Application: RUB 1,000
Difficulty level: for anyone aged 6 years and on
15 February

'Zmeinaya Mountain' cross country tour

The settlement of Bibikovo, 80 km
Ways to get there:
- by your own car (4WD)
- order a ride (RUB 800)
You will visit Chyortov Palets (Devil's Finger) on Kamennaya Rock, Manchurian mineral spring, semi caponier of the fortified area
Required equipment: a backpack with snacks, hot tea in a thermos flask and PASSPORT
Instructor guide
Hot meal is provided (chicken soup)


Dvadtsatyy (Twentieth) path
Mikhaylovskiye stolby military forced march


Albazino Historical and Educational
3–7 days 5700
Tour to Bureya HPP Guided Tour
1 day 3000
Space tour Techno Tourism
1 day 2900


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Hunting in Amur region

In the Space

Vostochny Cosmodrome

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