Amur souvenirs

Things to buy in the Amur River region

The Amur River region is famous for its food. That's why the majority of tourists take home the most delicious souvenirs: Amur honey, traditional candies, pine nuts. Cosmonaut food packaged in tubes also makes for an unforgettable gift. Proximity to China provides a rich selection of tea and spices.

Amur honey

A jar of tasty natural honey is a great gift. Here you can find blossom honey, white honey, buckwheat honey and even a rare kind of honey made of Amur cork tree flowers. You can find this treats at the local markets or in grocery stores.

Bird's Milk, an airy marshmallow cake and fruit jelly candy

Local sweets are another popular souvenir. Buy a tricolour "bird", natural fruit jelly candy, sugar cookies, signature candies and chocolate covered fruit. You can also buy souvenir sweets with pictures of local landmarks on the package.

Chinese tea

When you will arrive to the Chinese border, don't forget to buy some Chinese tea. Here the restorative drink has a premium quality and costs less than in many other Russian regions which are far from China. And you get a vast choice: from the most popular kinds to rare harvests.

Space travel souvenirs

In the Amur River region you can purchase badges, magnets, cups, pendants and other space travel related souvenirs. At vending machines in Blagovechshensk and in the Museum of Cosmonautics History in Tsiolkovsky you can buy cosmonaut food in traditional tin tubes. You can choose one of the many various options: from borchsh to mashed potatoes with chicken. There are also dessert dishes. As a matter of fact, currently cosmonauts receive their food packaged in brick-shaped plastic containers: they weigh less, and on a spaceship each ounce makes a difference.

Asian spices and sauces

Amur people love Asian spices. Most of all they prefer mala seasoning (dried pepper with beef extract and vegetables), roasted peanut with pepper, sesame oil, Korean mayonnaise. Also they love other spices, blends and traditional Asian sauces. They can be bought in regular supermarkets.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are another great and health-friendly souvenir. They are rich in vitamins B1, B2, E, PP, fatty acids and other beneficial substances. You can purchase both shelled nuts and pine nut oil. Also pine nuts are added to sweets: chocolate candies and halva.


This red wonder-berry from the taiga can be eaten with sugar and it makes a great accompaniment for tea. It is also used for preparing delicious sauces served with meat. Bring home lingonberry fruit juices or jams.


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